Tips for Living with PTSD in New York City

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Tips for Living with PTSD in New York City.

I think the bigger question is for people in New York City, is: What is normal and normal for whom? Here are some tips for living with PTSD for people in New York City

Is it normal to stay up late night watching Netflix, or is it normal getting up at 4am to head to the gym, so you feel good about yourself? Is it normal to have 4 or 5 drinks 3 days a week with friends, or is it normal to only have 1 drink on a Friday night because to have any more lets Jekyll loose and you would rather be Dr. Hyde. Why? Because Jekyll is a total prick at times.

Is it normal to want to go out to crowded places with hundreds of people you don’t know, or is it normal to want to spend quality with people you love and trust, even if it is only half a dozen or so? It all depends on who you are, what you need, and what you like.

For those of us with PTSD in New York City, our brains have morphed because of an event, a tragedy, a trauma that changed the way we view and walk through the world forever. Accept it. That is how we define our new normal.

The day I came to accept that John 1.0 as gone forever and started to accept and embrace John 2.0, was the day I began to get a handle on who I had become and what I needed to start living well with PTSD. In my book #dealwithit – living well with PTSD, Melissa and I talk about the journey I took and the things I had to learn and accept in my journey to recovery.

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